Monday, October 26, 2009

Cupcakes! But not the edible kind!

Fun Fact # 4: I like fruit and I like chocolate, but I'm not a fan of fruit flavoured chocolate. No Terry's Chocolate Orange for me!

I've been busy with polymers clay.

And unfortunately as with the edible baked goods, these cupcake can burn as well. And burn they did! It's a sad tale, but I think some of them can be salvaged. I just have to change their descriptive names of these little charms.

For example,

Exhibit A: Cappuccino Froth Cupcake
It was intended to have vanilla and chocolate (white and brown) swirled icing, with a mint leaf. However, due to the burnt nature of this cupcake, it is now a cappuccino flavoured icing with the coffee and froth flavours!

Exhibit B: Behold! The Barney Barf Cupcake!

This was suppose to be a toxic goo halloween cupcake. The 'toxic' green was a florescent green, that almost glowed! And now... the green is a darker green, a grass green. Kinda reminds me of Barney. Hense my name. Not the proposed effect!

Exhibit C: Muddy Moldy Blueberry.
Suppose to be a piped blueberry icing with red sprinkles. The burnt blue makes a muddy blue. It wasn't the bright bluetac colour i hoped for. But the red sprinkles were vibrant!

Exhibit D: Rancid Cherry Marshmallow

This one looked really really cute before I baked it. It was to be vanilla icing with a bright cherry on top! The white turned a little brown, so I covered it with white sparkles (helps if you squint). But my cherry still looks a little rotten with a brown leaf (once green)

Exhibit E: Grape Crush Gumball
This one worked out the best, in my opinion. The colours stayed the similar to the the pre-baked version. Its a Grape Crush with a pink Gumball! No need to alter that title!

I hope these tasty bits inspired you to go to the kitchen and bake yourself a batch. I was also contemplating making a photo tutorial oh how to make one yourself.... Something to consider

I will leave you for the night with this. My all-time favourite Tim Horton's Doughnut:


Mandarific said...

Hello! Just wanted to know I love your work and have featured some of it over at :)

Anonymous said...

About your fun fact... i know eh? terry's chocolate orange - in orange flavour SUCKS. ... so gross...

The mint chocolate one that comes out only at christmas time however... delicious ;) .... all 1500 calories and all.. I will eat them everyday no matter how many times you tell me how bad they are... they are just TOO yummyyyyy <3
--hmm i wonder if you know who this is.. haha
See you at Christmas ;)

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