Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beloved Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

(Don't you love how the title has so many alliterations)

Fun Fact # 2: My favourite type of pasta is conchiglie...the shells. (Also, if you turn them inside out after they are cooked, they look like little helmets, perfectly sized for your thumb!)

This browned butter chocolate chip cookie recipe has replaced my regular chocolate chip cookie recipe. Permanently!

Now, I was partial to the regular type of chocolate chip cookies for years. My old recipe was from an ancient Laura Secord baking book that was my grandmothers passed down to my mother. It was a decent recipe, but sometimes the cookies would turn out puffy and cakey and the next they would spread-out thin and crispy. And I was fine with that! I never questioned it....until! The day I stumbled upon the notion of browned butter chocolate chip cookies!

My Beloved Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The recipe can be found at Slice of Sueshe. A wonderful food blog that inspires me.

One thing I did differently: I added white chocolate chips along with my milk chocolate chips. But I definitely should have put more!

My own notes reguarding the recipe:
I have made these cookies three time since I found them at Slice of Sueshe, and I think the first time I burnt the browned butter (having no experience in browning butter). But, I was not disappointed! Being a lover a creme brulee, the burnt butter was reminiscent of the burnt sugar! Since then I have learned to brown my butter without burning it, but I must say, I might try it again ;)


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