Monday, January 11, 2010

NEON Scarflets

Another Christmas Present!! These scarflets were made for my second youngest sister 'J'. She was the only one of the three that was excited about posing for pictures to go on my blog. So I apologize for the picture overload, but they are too good and funny to leave out!

I found neon scarfs made out of cotton. They were just basically a long piece of neon cotton sewn lengthwise in half. I got them for 50p each. BARGAIN!!! I started by taking out the seams that had them sewn in half. I did something a bit different for each scarf.

For the yellow one, I cut the newly reclaimed fabric lengthwise and tied the ends to make a big loop, about 8 feet circumfrence. I did this numerous times (I can't remember how many). When I had a bunch I doubled them onto themselves (so they were about 4 feet in circumfrence), so it appeared I had twice as many loops. Then took another long inch wide piece of fabric, and tied it around the end where the knots were to hold them together.

Here is Jessica modelling the yellow one in the lovely morning glow of Christmas morning. Here she is wearing it doubled.
For the pink one, I started by taking out the long seam that halved the material, same as the first one. For the strips I cut them width-wise; creating shorter inch-wide strips. These shorter strips were much stetchier. I knotted a bunch of them together to create one long strip. After I had an uber long strip, I wraped it around and around to make a 4 foot circumfrence. I took another strip and tied it around where the loose ends were to secure it.

Here she is modelling the pink one doubled. It has a different textrue than the yellow.
Here is the pink one left long.
And now we just got silly and kept taking picture....


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